Saturday, 17 September 2016

A.F.C. Croydon Athletic - The Mayfield Stadium

A.F.C. Croydon Athletic

A.F.C. Croydon Athletic
The Mayfield Stadium
Mayfield Road
Thornton Heath

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Ground Number: 21
Date: Saturday 17th September 2016
Score: A.F.C. Croydon Athletic  3-0 Bearsted F.C.
Competition: Southern Counties East League Premier Division
Attendance: 76

So it was the start of what would be a long weekend, Saturday is full of football and Sunday is going to be me doing some of my coursework for college. Today was a day that was full of football as Sutton United had been picked to be on TV for their home game against Tranmere Rovers and this meant that the game would finish at around 2:15pm and this meant we would be able to go to another game which starts at 3pm straight after Sutton v Tranmere and the game that I decided to go to after Sutton was A.F.C. Croydon Athletic vs Bearsted F.C.
The first game of the day for me is between my team Sutton United and Tranmere Rovers which kicks off at 12:15pm as they game is being covered by BT Sport and is being shown on TV. When the Sutton game is finished, me and my dad will quickly rush up the road to Thornton Heath/Pollards Hill to go to A.F.C. Croydon Athletic v Bearsted. I will admit that I am excited for both games but mainly the Sutton game as we are on TV. I was still quite excited for A.F.C. Croydon Athletic because it allowed me to get another ground but not any ground, another local ground and another London team under my belt.
I woke up this morning feeling very refreshed as I have had a tough week at college and I have been working really hard all week and I just wanted to go to bed last night. I woke up originally at 6:30am but I was still quite tired so I went back to sleep and finally ended up getting out of bed at 7:45am. I went downstairs and had some coco-pops for breakfast like I normally do and then headed for a quick bath and shave before my dad got here at 9am.
We left my house at 9:30am and we got to Gander Green Lane at 10am and we played darts in the bar before the game and then headed out to the ground at 11:30am and watched the game which we would be very happy with a draw but Tranmere and Sutton had lots of chances in the first half but it was 0-0 at half time. Then Sutton took the lead in the 47th minute via Dan Fitchett who scored a header. Sutton then had a few more chances to score again and Tranmere also had lots of chances to equalise but Sutton held on until the end and we beat Tranmere 1-0 on TV. As soon as the game finished, we rushed to the car and drove up to Thornton Heath to watch AFC Croydon Athletic vs Bearsted and whilst in the car, I had a quick look at the history of AFC Croydon Athletic.
A.F.C Croydon Athletic were founded in 2012 when their previous club Croydon Athletic F.C. dissolved between 2011/12 and the fans of Croydon Athletic re-founded the club as A.F.C. Croydon Athletic as a fan owned club. The clubs nickname is `The Rams` and they play in the colours of claret and white. The club is owned by The Rams Army which is the Supporters Trust of A.F.C. Croydon Athletic. The club currently plays in the Southern Counties East League Premier Division. The clubs main rivals are Croydon F.C. who play in the same league as them but they are two separate clubs. The club joined the Combined Counties League for the 2012/13 season and they won the Division One Cup and finished 8th. They then finished 7th in the 2013/14 season and were runners up in the 2014/15 season and earned their first promotion. They would have joined the Combined Counties Premier but the club was transferred to the Southern Counties East Leagues.
When the club was founded they were not allowed to play at The Mayfield Stadium so they ground shared with Croydon F.C. and in January 2013, the stadium clubhouse at the Mayfield caught fire and then they ground shared with Banstead Athletic but now the club are back at The Mayfield Stadium, the clubs true home.  The Mayfield Stadium has a capacity of 3,000 and according to the club there are 301 seats but other sources say there are 163 so I cannot give an accurate number of how many seats there are.
There was quite a lot of traffic in the area as it is a Saturday afternoon which meant we ended up getting to the game at 3:10pm which was only a few minutes late but the game was delayed so this meant we did not miss much of the game. I was quite disappointed that we was not there for kick-off but the main thing was that we got here safely and we got here when the game had only just kicked off.
Now The Mayfield Stadium is a really nice stadium. It is a stadium that I really like and fir a first time experience of A.F.C. Croydon Athletic, I would love to return to the club again this season without a doubt. The stadium is good for the level that A.F.C. Croydon Athletic play at and could easily pass as a ground in the two divisions above this league. The stadium has a capacity of 3,000 and there are 301 seats. The main stand is the biggest structure in the stadium. It has 301 seats according to the club but other sources say there are 163. The seats are in the colours of claret as claret is the colours that A.F.C. Croydon Athletic play in. Also behind the main stand is the clubhouse which holds a bar and tea hut and club shop.
Then opposite the main stand is the dugouts and next to each of the dugouts are a covered terrace so on this side of the stadium there are two covered terraces. Then behind one of the goals is another covered terrace which is the width of around 80% of the pitch. Previously it used to have Croydon Athletic written on it and an electric scoreboard but in the past few years they have been removed. Then behind the other goal is an open uncovered terrace which can accommodate around 250 people.
For the first half me and my dad stood behind the goal with the A.F.C. Croydon Athletic fans who were very friendly. Then just before half time we went into the bar and we just missed the second goal of the game and the score remained 2-0 to AFC Croydon Athletic until half time. Whilst in the queue for the tea hut I wanted to get a pie preferably a steak pie but they did not do any pies so I had to go for the classic cheeseburger with onions which tasted really nice and was one of the best cheeseburgers I have ever had. Then whist eating my burger a man came over and was selling some badges and I spotted a Molesey F.C. badge and I thought "I`ll have that" and I managed to get it for £3.50. Then in the second half we sat in the main stand as we wanted to sit down for a little while and then we walked around the pitch and stood with the A.F.C. Croydon Athletic fans for the last 15-20 minutes of the game and managed to see another goal for AFC Croydon Athetic and a penalty save from the AFC Croydon Athletic goalkeeper.
The game finished 3-0 to AFC Croydon Athletic and I had really enjoyed my time at the Mayfield Stadium as I was able to visit a stadium that I have wanted to visit for a few years, experience some good football, get a new pin badge to add to my collection and I had also watched Sutton beat Tranmere Rovers on TV so today was a really good day and I would highly reccommend going to AFC Croydon Athletic because it is very friendly, the stadium is very good for their level and you will watch a good game of football.
Stadium: 7/10
Bar: 8/10
Food & Drink: 8/10
Atmosphere: 5/10
Friendliness: 10/10
Value For Money: 9/10
Overall Rating: 7.8/10

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