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Corinthian-Casuals F.C. - King George's Arena

Corinthian-Casuals F.C.

Corinthian-Casuals F.C.
King George's Arena Stadium
Queen Mary Close
Hook Rise South

Ground Number: 23
Date: Saturday 24th September 2016
Score: Corinthian-Casuals 1-0 Ramsgate F.C.
Competition: Ryman League Division One South
Attendance: 146

Corinthian-Casuals, the only amateur non-league club left in England or at least the only amateur non-league in England that plays above county level. Corinthian-Casuals are also one of the most famous teams in non-league as are linked with the famous team Corinthians in Brazil and they are a well known team amonst non-league fans for not paying their players as they play for the love of the game and this makes them an amateur club.

Now Corinthian-Casuals is a team that I have been to many times over the past couple of seasons but I have not done a blog on them. The last time that I went to Corinthian-Casuals was at the start of this season when I went there to watch a pre-season game at home to Tonbridge Angels. I have been to Corinthian-Casuals so many times in the past few seasons, I am probably averaging around 3 visits there over the past few seasons.
I really like Corinthian-Casuals because they really stand up against modern football, the players play for the love of the game, they do not get paid and they want to just play football. I have also got  a couple of mates that support Corinthian-Casuals and even though I support Sutton United, the Casuals fans love it when I come down and watch them because at their place anyone is welcome and I get along well with their fans and when I go down there, I even get a few chants going as I have been there and watched them lots of times and this had allowed me to know nearly all of their chants and at times, it makes me feel like a Corinthian-Casuals supporter rather than a Sutton United supporter.
Corinthian-Casuals were founded in 1939 as the teams of Corinthian F.C. who were founded in 1882 merged with Casuals F.C. who were founded in 1883 to form Corinthian-Casuals F.C. The club play in the colours of pink and brown and their away strip is blue and white. The club currently play in the Ryman League Division One South which is the 8th tier of English football. The club sits two promotions from the Vanarama National League South and they currently play one league above county level which would be the Combined Counties for this club.
The currently play their home games at King Georges Field which is located in Tolworth and the ground has a capacity of 2,700 and there are around 150 seats. The highest point in the clubs history was in the 1965/66 season when the club made it to the FA Cup first round but they ended up losing 5-1. The club has spent most of its time in the Ryman leagues but in the 1983/84 season, the Ryman League threw the club out of the league which then the club joined the London Spartan League Premier. In 1988, Corinthian Casuals took over the Tolworth Arena and the King Georges Field Stadium which was home to Tolworth F.C. who played in the Surrey Senior League. Also in 1988, Corinthian Casuals went on tour to Brazil where they played against Corinthians and in January 2015 the club went back to Brazil and the match went live on TV and Casuals lost 3-0. In the 2010/11 season Corinthian Casuals won the Surrey Senior Cup after beating Leatherhead 2-0.
So the day had arrived and weirdly it was a lovely summers morning in South West London, and as soon as I felt the sun shine itself onto my eyes to wake me up I thought to myself "today is groundhopping day and today is going to be a good day and a win for Corinthian-Casuals". I had a feeling that today was going to be a good day because the sun was shining and I was groundhopping and if you put them both together, they make the perfect day for me.
As a groundhopper I get excited every time I visit a new stadium because after every new stadium that I visit, it feels like an achievement and that I have got another stadium under my belt and as a groundhopper, writing a blog about going to all of these stadiums is really good because it does take a lot of hard work and it allows lots of people to read my blogs and enjoy them and it allows me to read back on my groundhopping journeys if I ever forgot about the day I visited a certain ground.
So today was going to be a very busy day for me because my parents are out for the weekend and my auntie is looking after me and my sisters and at short notice at 11am I had to get the bus into Mitcham to meet my cousin Nicky so he could come round my house for a couple of hours. I then got quite carried away with watching funny videos and having a laugh that I left later than I wanted because I wanted to leave my house at 12:30pm but I didn't leave my house until 12:55pm.
I had to run to the bus stop to catch the 200 into Colliers Wood which is where I got on the 131 to take me into Kingston. There was a lot of A.F.C. Wimbledon fans on my bus. I then got off the 131 at Fairfield bus station and then I had to walk round to Eden Street to catch the 281 to Tolworth Broadway. After getting off the 281 I had a 10 minute walk to the ground and I was finally at King Georges Field at 2:50pm. I was very short on money this weekend and I only had £6 with me but it only cost me £5 to get in which was not too bad so all in all today only cost me £5.
King Georges Field is a really nice stadium and is one of my favourite stadiums in non-league.  The stadium has a capacity of 2,700 and there are around 150 seats in the main stand. The main stand itself is very small in terms of height but is quite long in terms of length. The main stand holds the P.A. box. On one side of the stand is seats and on the other side is covered terracing. The pitch-side fence in front of the main stand says the words "Corinthian-Casuals FC". Then behind the main stand is the bar, clubhouse, tea hut, toilets and club shop
Then opposite the main stand is the only un-covered part of the stadium. It is a simple concrete walkway and on this side of the stadium is the dugouts. Then behind one of the goals is a covered terrace which covers pretty much the whole width of the pitch and I really like this terrace because it is very simple and is a good example of classic terracing in non-league. Then behind the other goal is a smaller covered terrace located behind the goal.
The food at Corinthian-Casuals is quite good as well, but today I didn't have enough money to get anything to eat but from previous visits the food is really good. The football was also very good quality especially for only £5. In the first half Corinthian-Casuals looked a bit nervous on the pass especially during some of their passing but the first half looked like being better for Ramsgate. In the second half I could easily see an improvement from Casuals and they were creating a much higher attacking threat and the break through came in the 70th minute when Corinthian-Casuals took the lead via Shaun Okojie and this made the Casuals fans sing even louder than I have ever heard them sing before. It seems like every time I go and watch Corinthian-Casuals, I always see a good game of football even if casuals don't win.
The game finished 1-0 to Corinthian-Casuals and for a game that had cost me £5, I had experienced a very good game of football, started a few chants, catchup with a few of my mates who support casuals and have another visit to King Georges Arena under my belt. Corinthian-Casuals is a team that I would highly reccommend going to watch because the represent everything that football should be and everything that non-league football is about and the club is really friendly and no matter who you support, you will always have a great day at King Georges Arena.
Stadium: 7/10
Bar: 7/10
Food & Drink: 7/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Friendliness: 10/10
Value For Money: 9/10
Overall Rating: 8/10

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