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Bognor Regis Town F.C. - Nyewood Lane

Bognor Regis Town F.C.
Bognor Regis Town F.C.
Nyewood Lane Stadium
Nyewood Lane
Bognor Regis
West Sussex
PO21 2TY

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Ground Number: 51
Date: Monday 28th August 2017
Score: Bognor Regis Town F.C. 0-1 Eastbourne Borough F.C.
Competition: National League South
Attendance: 916

After groundhopping to Minehead AFC on Saturday, it was nearly the end of our holiday in Minehead as we had just Sunday and Monday left in Butlins. We were originally planning on leaving Minehead on Monday evening and getting back home in the early hours of Tuesday morning but there was a problem and the problem was we were coming home on Bank Holiday Monday and the roads were going to be packed and this was something we were constantly thinking about as the holiday neared to it's end.
We woke up on Sunday morning at 7:30am and we knew that we had to make the most of today as it was our last full day at Butlins. We both had a shower and then went to breakfast at 8:30am. Whilst eating breakfast, we talked about what we were planning on doing today and we agreed to spent as much time doing the activities in the resort as possible. After eating breakfast, we went back to the apartment to brush our teeth and then we headed out again. 
Seeing as the fairground doesn't open until 10am, we went in the arcade and then when it turned 10am, we went straight out on the funfair and we went on all the rides. We then went back inside the Skyline Pavilion to go to Bar Rosso for a drink and I got a Coke Float and my dad got a coffee as he was feeling a bit tired. After having a refreshing drink, we went in Hotshots and played pool for 30 minutes and we then played darts for another 30 minutes. We then went back out on the funfair for about an hour and then we decided to play mini golf and I lost like usual but I won a free game but we didn't have time to do it again as it was very busy. By the time we had finished playing mini golf, it was 2pm so we decided to get a snack from the Spar shop that is located on-site and we just got a packet of crisps and a drink.
We then went back to our apartment to have a bit of a rest and we looked at the games for tomorrow and we knew that Sutton were playing away to Bromley but we weren't going because we had been to Bromley twice before and had lost both times and after our previous visit there, we didn't want to go back there again. Whilst looking at all the fixtures, we saw some very good games that were very appealing and the main game that was appealing was Bognor Regis Town FC vs Eastbourne Borough. The reason why this game was very appealing is because I have spent pretty much all my summers in Bognor and I go to Bognor at least once a year and I have gone to Butlins Bognor so many times (at least 20) and I have been wanting to go and watch Bognor Regis Town FC for the past 4/5 years and tomorrows game gave us the opportunity to finally go to Nyewood Lane. After talking about the game for about 20 minutes, we finally came to an agreement that we would leave late tonight and get home in the early hours of the morning then leave about 9am to get to Bognor at about 10:30am.
After agreeing that we would leave Butlins tonight, we then went to dinner at 4:15pm and then after we finished dinner, we went back to the apartment to have a shower and get changed. We then watched a bit of Tipping Point before heading out at 6pm and we headed straight for Centre Stage as ventriloquist Paul Zerdin was on and he was very good and we then went out onto the late night fairground and I did the VIP Go-Karts and then me and my dad went on all the rides a couple of times to make the most of them. 9pm arrived and the fairground closed so we went inside to go in the arcades and then we had a drink in Bar Rosso. We then walked back to our apartment and packed up everything and then put it all in the car and we left Butlins at 11pm.
We realized that we only had just enough petrol to get back home so we decided to stop for petrol in the Tesco petrol garage just around the corner from Butlins. We put £30 worth of petrol in the car so we had enough to go to Bognor in the morning. We drove back to Bristol on the country roads which is quite fun at night but we got back into the Bristol area at 12:15am and joined the M4 which would take us back to Heathrow. We then stopped at some services by Chippenham to get something to eat and drink and my dad was on coffee and I had a tea and a bacon roll and my dad also got a bacon roll and that ended up costing £14 which is too expensive but then again, it is a motorway service station. We then got back into the car and then had to drive the long way from Chippenham to Swindon as the M4 was partially closed but we got back on the M4 at Swindon and got back to Heathrow at 3:15am. We then stopped off around the corner to stretch our legs which felt good and we drove back to my dads house and we was finally back at my dads at 4:05am and I went straight to sleep.
I woke up at 8am feeling very refreshed as I had gotten a good 4 hours decent sleep and it made up for me missing my usual 8 hours sleep but today there was no time to be tired as I was finally heading to Nyewood Lane today to watch Bognor Regis Town FC after trying to go for the past 4/5 years. I also felt like our decision to leave late last night was a much better option than staying in Minehead for the day and getting caught in the Bank Holiday Monday traffic. I had a quick wash and then got dressed before having some toast for breakfast and whilst I was eating my breakfast, I looked through the history of Bognor Regis Town FC.
Bognor Regis Town FC were founded in 1883 as Bognor FC. The club's nickname is 'The Rocks'. The club play in the colours of green and white and they currently play their home games at Nyewood Lane which has a capacity if 4,500 and there are 350 seats. The club also currently play in the Vanarama National League South. Bognor helped found the West Sussex Football League in 1896 and they continued to play in county league football until 1972. In 1929, Bognor FC was renamed Bognor Regis FC as King George V added the name 'Regis' to the name of the town Bognor and became Bognor Regis. In 1949, the club changed its name again from Bognor Regis FC to Bognor Regis Town FC to stop confusion from the local rugby club. In the 1971/72 season, the club finally reached the Southern League Divison One South and they were no longer a county league side.
In the 1972/73 season, the club appeared in the FA Cup 1st Round for the first time but lost 6-0 to Colchester United. In 1981, the club were transferred to the Isthmian League and in the 1984/85 season they drew 1-1 with Swansea City in the FA Cup 1st Round and won 3-1 in the replay at Vetch Field but lost 5-2 at Reading in the next round. In the 2002/03 season, the club promoted to the Isthmian Premier and in the 2003/04 season, Bognor were placed in the newly formed Conference South and remained there for a few seasons but at the end of the 2008/09 season, the club were relegated back down to the Isthmian League and in the 2009/10 season they were relegated again down to the Isthmian Division One South. The club lost in the play off semi finals against Dulwich Hamlet in the 2010/11 season but beat Godalming in the play off semi finals and beat Dulwich in the play off final the next season and they were back in Isthmian Premier. The 2015/16 season saw them reach the FA Trophy semi-final but lost to Grimbsy Town but the following season, they beat Dulwich again in the play off final to return to the National League South.
After looking into the history of Bognor Regis Town FC, I made sure I had everything I needed for today which was my phone, my jumper in case it got cold, my wallet and my portable powerbank so I could charge my phone if it needed charging. We then set off at 9am and we were both feeling a little bit tired as we only had 4 hours sleep but there was no time to bed tired today. We drove up to Epsom then down to Beare Green and joined the A29 which takes you to Bognor. We have driven this way to Bognor every time we have gone so we much have done this journey over 20 times and we have even gave some of the places on the journey some nicknames. There is a sharp corner just past Beare Green which I have always liked because it is funny to drive around and ever since I was about 7 years old, I have called that corner "my bend or my corner" which is something I still call it today. Then in Pulborough, there are two small mini roundabouts right next to each other and we gave this place the nickname "tank" as we once saw a tank in this location about 5 years ago.
My favorite bit of the journey has always been going up Bury Hill as it is very tall and steep and we have always had to get a run up when approaching it and I always found it funny that our car always seemed to struggle to get up the hill but as my dad recently purchased a new car, it didn't struggle to get up the hill and once you get to the top of Bury Hill, you get an amazing view which I have loved all my life and I still love it today. Once past Bury Hill, we was nearly at Bognor and there is a small shop in Westergate which is just before Bognor and I have always loved that shop for some reason and I gave that the nickname of "my shop" and I still love calling it that to this day. We finally arrived in Bognor at 10:25am and I always get a feel of energy when I see Butlins when you pull into Bognor as I have so many childhood memories from there and it was weird to feel that we should currently be in Butlins Minehead and instead we are right next to Butlins Bognor but we drove further down the beach just past Bognor Pier and parked up there.
It did feel good to be back in Bognor even though we was only here about a month ago for the day as it was very hot and we decided to go down to Bognor for the day and weirdly, we would be back in Bognor on Wednesday as me and my dad were taking my sisters to Butlins for the day as a surprise. It honestly felt like I couldn't get away from Bognor or Butlins. We went straight on the pier and went in the arcade and went on the machines and we first went on the Storm Stopper game and I ended up winning the jackpot of 700 tickets! We then went on some other machines and I decided to go on the bingo machine to try and win some money and I ended up winning £3 so I said to my dad "that will pay for a Bognor Regis Town FC pin badge later". We then walked further up the beach which always tires me out and whilst walking up the beach, we started to feel a bit peckish so we decided to find somewhere to eat and we decided to go in a local cafe called `The Galleon` which is by the market square and we had been in there before and the bacon sandwiches were really nice and once we arrived in the cafe, I got bacon sandwich and milkshake and my dad got a chicken baguette and a coffee. The bacon sandwich and milkshake was really nice as usual and if you ever find yourself in Bognor, I would highly recommend going in `The Galleon`.
After eating some lunch in `The Galleon`, we walked back up the beach and decided to go back in the arcade on the pier for a little while and we won some more tickets and by the time we had been in the arcade for a while, it was coming up to 1pm so we decided to go to the ground now so we walked back up to the car and then drove to Nyewood Lane which is only a 5-7 minute drive away from Bognor Pier. We then found somewhere to park and we then put on some sun cream as it was quite hot and then we walked up to the ground and I took some pictures of the entrance of the ground. We then walked up to the turnstiles and the turnstiles were already open so we went in and it cost my dad £12 for an adult and £5 for me as a student so only £17 to get in which is very reasonable for the National League South. We then purchased a match day programme which was £2 and we then went in the club shop and I purchased a Bognor Regis Town FC pin badge with the £3 I won in the arcade so for entry, programme and a pin badge, it`s cost £22 which is very good value. We then went in the bar and had a drink and I got a coke zero and my dad got a J2O and the bar is very large and modern but that's because the old bar was recently damaged in a fire. After having a drink and reading the programme, we went outside and walked round the ground to take some pictures.
Nyewood Lane is a quaint looking ground that has an open feel to it. The ground has a capacity of 4,500 and there are 350 seats. The one end is overlooked by the Social Club Building and has a small open terrace in front, that is comprised of three wide concrete steps. Opposite is a small covered terrace, at the Sports Club End, which has a small electric scoreboard on its roof. On the North side of the ground is a small covered terrace, being a few steps high, which runs for around half the length of the pitch. On the other side is a small covered seated Main Stand that uses two flag poles as part of the roof supports. The team dugouts are located in front of this stand and these are sunken into the pitch side. On one side is a separate small covered area that has a mixture of seating and terrace. The other side of the Main Stand is unused for spectators as such as it mostly comprised a fenced off storage area. There are floodlight pylons running down each side of the pitch, plus some additional lighting on top of the covered terrace at one end. (Description of Nyewood Lane is sourced from Football Ground Guide).
As I was walking round Nyewood Lane, I started to like the ground even more because it is such as small and simple stadium but I like it a lot and I have always had a love for Nyewood Lane and it felt weird to finally be walking around it. After we walked round, we stood behind the far goal and I noticed some Bognor fans putting up a banner with BRTFC on it so I walked round and took a picture of it and then I noticed a Eastbourne Borough fan had put his flag up so I quickly took a picture of it. We stayed behind the far goal until the teams came out but Bognor were kicking towards the other goal for the first half so me and my dad walked round to the other goal and stood on the open terrace with the other Bognor fans. 
It was good that we put on sun cream as it was really hot but we stayed on the open terrace. Both teams had chances in the first 20 minutes but it was mainly Eastbourne with the better chances. I then got a text from my Nan to say that Sutton had scored against Bromley which made me very happy but I wasn't annoyed that we didn't go there. Bognor had a good 10 minute spell and were creating chances but the chances were not very dangerous. There wasn't much of an atmosphere behind the goal so far as there was no chants which was a bit annoying. With about 10 minutes to go before half time, we walked round to the burger van and got a cheeseburger which tasted nice but the cheese wasn't very nice but the taste of the burger weighed out the bad taste of the cheese. 
Half time and it was still 0-0 and so far it had been a good game with both teams creating chances and the sun still shining hot. We walked back round to the other end and whilst walking round, I saw my friend who is also called Ryan who supports Eastbourne Borough and we said "hello" to each other whilst walking past each other and once we were behind the goal, it was a bit cooler but that was because we were under cover. We checked the other results from all the others games and by the time we had finished doing that, the second half was about to start and there were a lot of Bognor fans behind the goal. 
The second half started and it didn't start well for Bognor as Eastbourne caught Bognor on the attack and scored in the 47th minute and the travelling 30 or so Eastbourne fans went wild. This seemed to wake up the Bognor fans as they started a couple of chants and finally the Bognor fans were making some noise. Eastbourne continued to dominate the first 20 minutes in the second half but Bognor seemed to pick up in the last 25 minutes of the game and were creating a lot of chances but it seemed like they didn't have luck on their side. The Bognor loyal continued to chant and this almost rewarded the fans as Bognor had a great chance to equalize but failed to score. Eastbourne then passed the ball around the defense to see out the game and it finished Bognor Regis Town 0-1 Eastbourne Borough.
I was quite sad that Bognor had lost the game but on the other hand, Sutton did beat Bromley 1-0 but going to Bognor and finally visiting Nyewood Lane felt more important to me because I had been trying to go there for about 5 years. We clapped the Bognor players for their performance and then we walked round the ground and got a couple more pictures before walking back to the car. We got in the car and drove back up to the beach and parked up by the pier again and got a mixed ice cream from the ice cream shop on the pier and then drove the car a bit further up the beach and then got some fish and chips for dinner and we then got back in the car and left Bognor at 6pm and we drove back down the A29 and weirdly, my phone didn't need charging but we finally got back to my dads house at 7:40pm. I really enjoyed my day in Bognor and really enjoyed my afternoon at Nyewood Lane and I would highly recommend going if you ever have the chance to go!
Stadium: 8/10
Bar: 7/10
Food and Drink: 7/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Friendliness: 10/10
Value For Money: 8/10
Overall Rating: 7.8/10

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