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Worcester Park F.C. - Skinners Field

Worcester Park F.C.
Worcester Park F.C.
Skinners Field Stadium
Green Lane
Worcester Park

Ground Number: 66
Date: Saturday 6th January 2018
Score: Worcester Park F.C. 0-1 Sheerwater F.C.
Competition: Combined Counties Division One
Attendance: 56

As a groundhopper, it is always good to visit your local teams because it can be cheaper and it can also be easier for you and for me, I have nearly visited all of the teams that are within 10 miles radius of where I live and one of the teams that I haven't visited yet is Worcester Park F.C. who play in the Combined Counties Division One (England's 10th Tier). They are a team that I have been trying to visit since the start of this season because they are one of the local grounds/teams that I really need to tick off.
There haven't been many chances for me to visit Skinners Field but there was a chance in January on the 6th when they were playing at home to Sheerwater and my team (Sutton United) were playing away to Gateshead and seeing as I didn't have a lot of money left over from Christmas, I didn't have the funds to go to Gateshead and seeing as Worcester Park are home that day, I decided that I would go there instead!
I originally saw that Worcester Park were home on the 6th January back when I was looking for games in November and when I saw they were home that day, I decided that I would go there instead of Gateshead and ever since then, I have been looking forward to ticking off Skinners Field and it would be another ground nearer to my 100 target and another ground within the M25 visited! Another reason why I wanted to go to Worcester Park was because my friend Jason has been there a few times and he said the food there is really good and they play some good football.
The week running up to the game wasn't too bad because I didn't go back to college until Wednesday and this effectively gave me half the week off but when I went back to college, I wasn't really motivated because we were starting two new assignments but I have a motto which is to just start it as quick as possible because I will then get into the mood and soon finish the assignment and one of the assignments we were stating this week was one of our largest which is planning an itinerary for a trip to Australia.
Anyway, the week dragged on but by the time Friday arrived, I was feeling very excited for tomorrow's game and I was in a really good mood and I even managed to finish an assignment and get a good chunk of my itinerary done. I finished college at 4:15pm and then got a lift home from my friend Emma and then had some dinner and a shower and then relaxed for the evening and I had a chance to look into the history of Worcester Park F.C. seeing as I don't know too much about the club before going to bed at 10pm.
Worcester Park F.C. were founded in 1900 but became fully established in 1921 when they inherited Skinners Field. The club's nickname is 'The Skinners'. The club currently play their home game at Skinners Field which has a capacity of around 500-750 and the club currently play in the Combined Counties Division One (England's 10th Tier). In 1949, the club were admitted to the Surrey Senior League but in 1982, the club became founders of the Surrey County Premier League. Throughout the 1980's and 1990's, the club left and joined the Surrey County Premier League.
In the 1999/00 season, they were Surrey County Premier League champions and in 2000/01 season, they were Surrey County Senior League champions. In 2003, they joined the Combined Counties League and in the 2006/07 season, they missed out on the runners up position on goal difference. In the 2009/10 season, the club were Combined Counties Division One runners up and in the following season, they were champions but were unable to get promoted due to the ground facilities and no floodlights. In the 2015/16 season, they won the Combined Counties Division One Cup and to this day, they still remain in the Combined Counties Division One.
I woke up this morning at 7:30am feeling tired even though I had a really good nights sleep but I was quite annoyed because I didn't really want to wake up until 9am but I ended up staying in bed until 8:30am and then went downstairs and had a nice cup of tea and some toast for breakfast and then got fully dressed and then watched some of `The Big Bang Theory` and then just before 12pm, I got my things ready because the game was a 2pm kick off because the ground has no floodlights and it will get too dark to play if the game was at 3pm.
I had packed three bottles of water, a scarf, portable charger and some other bits and pieces and I left my house at 12:05pm and I was aiming to get the 12:40pm train from Wimbledon but by the time I had walked to the shop to put £3 on my Oyster Card, the earlier train (12:25pm) train was in 15 minutes and I figured I could get to the ground a bit earlier so I walked quickly up to the tram stop and luckily enough, the tram was just arriving and I got to Wimbledon with a few minutes to spare and as I got to the platform, the train was just pulling in.
Today is just a short journey from Wimbledon to Worcester Park which is only 3 stations but it is easier than getting two buses and a lot less time consuming. The train journey only lasted just under 10 minutes but when we pulled into Worcester Park Station, I could see the ground from the platform so I managed to get a great picture of the ground from the platform. I then walked round to the ground which is just round the corner from the station and then paid £2 to get in and £2 for a programme which is unbelievably cheap and I then walked round the ground to take some pictures.
Skinners Field is one of the most basic grounds I have ever been to, it has a capacity of around 500 and there are no seats. The ground consists of a pitch with no physical pitchside barrier, just a rope, one small covered terrace along the side of the pitch by the dugouts and the terrace can probably hold around 50 people at most and behind one of the goals is the bar. You can technically only walk around 50% of the ground because the other side of the ground has no pathway but if you really want to, you can walk round to the other side. I'm not a big fan of the ground but if some more covered terracing or a small seated stand was put in place, I would really like the ground but as it stands, its too basic and small for me.
After taking some pictures of this really basic ground, I went to the bar to get something to eat and I had heard a lot of excellent ratings about WPFC's food and I was hoping the food did actually live up to its reviews and when I saw the menu, I couldn't believe how cheap the food was because I managed to get a bacon cheeseburger and chips for £3.85 and at my team Sutton United, a burger alone costs £3.80. After ordering, I looked at the menu again and I saw a egg and bacon roll for £2 so I said I will have one of them as well and I have to say, they tasted amazing and its the best food that I've ever had at a football ground!
After having a very cheap and tasty lunch, I went into the main area of the bar and asked if they had any Kopparburg but they didn't but they did have Rekorderlig and I went for a passion fruit flavour one and that cost £3.55 and I have to say it tasted like lemonade but for a cider, it was actually quite nice but I prefer Old Mout Cider and Kopparburg over it but for £3.55, it was a good drink. I was watching the Fleetwood vs Leicester game in the bar and I saw that fellow Sutton fan Geoff Martin was here with his mate and you may remember him from my blog on my trip to Raynes Park Vale back in October.
I went over and said hello to them both and then with about 10 minutes to go before kick-off, I headed outside to get some pictures of the teams when they were coming out. When the teams did come out, it seemed like there was only 10/15 people inside the ground but when the teams came out, quite a few came out the bar and I thought to myself "that's more like it". The game kicked off and I could feel a good buzz about this game because Worcester Park were currently top of the league and Sheerwater were 2nd in the league, so I knew that it should be a good game.
The first chance of the game came in the 9th minute for Sheerwater but it wasn't anything dangerous. Worcester Park definitely looked like the stronger side and their first attack came in the 11th minute when they had a shot but it unfortunately went over the crossbar. 3 minutes later, Worcester Park ahd another shot that was deflected and was unlucky to go in and then in the 17th minute, one of the WPFC players was one on one with the keeper but the Sheerwater goalkeeper was on hand to keep the score 0-0. There was a chance two minutes later to WPFC to take the lead but the shot went wide. There was then a scramble in the box in the 32nd minute but Sheerwater managed to stop WPFC from taking the lead.
Worcester Park continued to dominate the first half and they had a chance from a tight angle but the shot was hit over the bar and one minute later, they managed to pass the ball into the ball along the grass but unfortunately, the WPFC player was just a second too late and missed the shot and it would have been a good goal to put WPFC 1-0 up. Sheerwater then had a chance to take the lead in the 44th minute as they were one on one with the WPFC keeper but he was on hand to keep the score at 0-0 and at half time, the score was 0-0.
Half time and it was 0-0 and the score was a clear understatement of the chances in the game because Worcester Park alone have had 7 chances and they should be at least 3-0/3-1 up but that's football, if you don't take your chances, you wont score. By now, it had gotten quite cold and it was apparently 5 degrees but it felt more like -5 degrees. I was feeling like a nice hot drink would warm me up so I got myself a nice warm hot chocolate for 70p which is very cheap! It tasted really good and wasn't hot enough to burn your tongue. I then updated some of my social media and then when the teams were coming back out, I headed back outside and stood with Geoff and his friend.
The second half kicked off and it was WPFC to take the early chance because they hit the crossbar from a header in the 47th minute and then within the next two minutes, they had a shot which went over the crossbar and a cross the went into the box but no WPFC was there to score. WPFC then had a chance to go 1-0 up via a back heel from a corner but it just went wide and then in the 61st minute, WPFC headed the ball just over the bar. Then with 15 minutes to go, Sheerwater scored and took the lead undeservedly and the following few fans went wild. WPFC had a free kick two minutes later that went wide and then Sheerwater had a chance that went over the bar and then in the 89th minute, WPFC had a shot and deflected out for a corner but nothing came from that and it finished Worcester Park FC 0-1 Sheerwater.
I walked back to Worcester Park Station feeling very cold but mainly disappointed that
Worcester Park didn't win because they should have won at least 6-1 but then that's football, you can get caught and dominate the game but end up losing 1-0. I only had to wait 2 minutes for my train and then once I got back to Wimbledon, I got the tram to Phipps Bridge and then got the bus a few stops then walked back home and I got home at 4:40pm. I would recommend going to WPFC because they are very friendly and the food is amazing and they play some really good football.
Stadium: 3/10
Bar: 8/10
Food and Drink: 10/10
Atmosphere: 3/10
Friendliness: 10/10
Value For Money: 9/10
Overall Rating: 7.2/10

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