Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Spelthorne Sports F.C. - Spelthorne Sports Club

Spelthorne Sports F.C.
Spelthorne Sports F.C.
Spelthorne Sports Club
Staines Road West
TW15 1RY

Ground Number: 72
Date: Tuesday 20th February 2018
Score: Spelthorne Sports F.C. 2-0 Knaphill F.C.
Competition: Combined Counties Premier Division
Attendance: 43

So far, February has been a great month with me already visiting 3 new grounds and I came back from my trip to New York on Friday morning which I really enjoyed but the only bad thing was I don't have any new grounds planned to visit until the 3rd March when I would visiting `The Shay` for FC Halifax Town vs Sutton United and this made me want to try and get another new ground in before the end of February. After landing back at Heathrow at 8am on Friday, I got home and then unpacked and then slept due to not sleeping on the flight.
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Saturday was spent at Gander Green Lane to watch Sutton play out a 1-1 draw with Wrexham. Whilst at this game, we caught up with Jason and Dave (who joined me at Croydon FC) and whilst speaking to them, Jason said that he was going to Spelthorne Sports vs Knaphill on Tuesday and this seemed very appealing for me because the Spelthorne Sports Club (where Spelthorne play) is one of the grounds that I wanted to tick off and is one I need to visit as it is within the M25.
My dad said he would think about it as it is still quite cold on Tuesday evenings but he decided that we will go to the game and messaged me on Sunday evening. I woke up on Monday morning at 8am and then managed to go back to sleep until 9am and then once fully woken up, I had some breakfast, did some housework for my mum, paid a check in at the bank and then relaxed for the rest of the day and then went out for my evening run as I've recently taken up running again and then had dinner and then looked into the history of  Spelthorne Sports FC before going to bed at 11pm.
Spelthorne Sports were founded in 1922 and currently play their home game at the Spelthorne Sports Club which has a capacity of around 1,000 and there are only 100 seats. The clubs nickname is 'The Spelly' and they also currently play in the Combined Counties Premier Division (England's 9th Tier). The club played in local leagues mainly up until 2009 when they joined the Surrey Elite League and in 2011, the club were Surrey Elite League champions and were promoted to the Combined Counties Division One and only spent three years in the league as they were CCD1 Champions in 2014 and they were promoted to the Combined Counties Premier Division which is where they still remain.
I woke up this morning at 9am and then did some exercises and then had a small breakfast and then went round the shop to get some bits and bobs and then did a few more exercises and then chilled out before having a small lunch at 11:20am and then left for college at 11:50am. College was very easy today as we were just doing some more merit work for one of our assignments and that pretty took me until the end of the day. My dad came and picked me up from college just before 5pm and we then headed onto the A3 towards Spelthorne. We did hit a bit of traffic on the way but seeing as it was only 6pm, we stopped in the Tesco in Sunbury and my dad got a coffee and we got something for dinner and I got a fruit pot and a sandwich. We then drove up the road to the ground and found somewhere to park and eat our dinner.
We found somewhere to park and then finished our dinner at 6:45pm and then walked to the bar just outside the ground and had a few goes on the fruit machines. The bar is very large and had a lot of seats and has a pool table and is a decent bar but this is mainly because the bar is a sports bar and is open most of the week. We then walked to the ground and paid to get in and today's admission prices were £7 each for an adult as they didn't have any concessions tonight and to be honest, £7 for a Step 9 game isn't too bad, we also got a match day programme for £1 and my dad got a raffle ticket for £1, so £16 for entry, programme and a raffle ticket which is quite reasonable.
We then walked to the tea bar and got something to eat and drink, I myself got a portion of chips which tasted quite nice and weren't too greasy and my dad got a coffee and I also noticed they sold Spelthorne Sports pin badges for £3 so I obviously got one of those. We got asked if we were groundhoppers and we said yes and they asked who we supported as we said Sutton and we had a chat about our promotion push this season. Jason then arrived and we had a quick chat before walking round the ground to take some pictures.
The Spelthorne Sports Club has a capacity of around 1,000 and there are only around 100 seats. Along one of the sides is a small wooden stand with around 50 seats and next to the stand is a small covered terrace that can hold around 100 people. Opposite this side of the ground is an open uncovered pathway. Behind one of the goals is another uncovered open pathway and behind the other goal is another wooden seated stand identical to the one along the side and the tea bar and turnstiles are also located here.
For a very small ground, I do like it, it does have a true county league feeling to it but it is a little small for the CCL and does need a new stand put in place even if it is a 150 seater stand and some new covered terracing could be put in place behind the goal with no cover. I thought the ground was going to be really bad at first but when we got there, I realized that I actually quite like it, although it isn't my type of county level ground, I prefer grounds like Bedfont Sports and Bedfont and Feltham at county level.
After walking round the ground to take some pictures, we then went and stood in the small covered terrace along the side of the pitch and then got some pictures of the teams coming out. The first half started and there wasn't much action inside the first 10 or so minutes but on 11 minutes. Spelthorne had a free kick but the shot was saved by the Knaphill keeper. Then two minutes later, the Knaphill goalkeeper was sent off, I myself wasn't looking at the time but I believe it was an elbow incident. Knaphill then substituted on their reserve goalkeeper and then on 24 minutes, Spelthorne had a shot at the keeper but he was on hand to keep the score at 0-0 and nothing else happened for 20 odd minutes and at half time it was 0-0.
Half time and it was Spelthorne Sports 0-0 Knaphill, the first half was so uneventful, it felt like it was going to be one of those mid-week games where you travel to see a 0-0 but we was confident that there were a few goals in this game. We walked round to the tea hut and me and my dad got a hot chocolate which tasted really nice and Jason got a coffee. I also decided to get a hot dog which was again very nice and not too greasy. We walked back to the bar to have our food and drink as it was cold outside and then just before the second half started we walked back to the ground and went in the seated stand behind the goal or the 'Flintstones Stand' as we call as it looks like The Flintstones built it.
The second half started and it took a while for it to get properly going but that itself only took 12 minutes as Spelthorne shot on goal from around 20 yards and scored on 57 minutes. Then just 4 minutes later, Knaphill had their first chance of the game as they had a shot but went well over. On 70 minutes, Spelthorne had another shot at goal but nothing came from it. The next 20 minutes were very boring but on 90 minutes, Spelthorne scored again to seal the 3 points and even though it finished 2-0 to Spelthorne, it was one of the most boring games I have ever watched.
We walked out of the ground feeling very happy that we had finally ticked off Spelthorne Sports as it is another ground in the Heathrow area ticked off, another ground nearer to 100 and another ground within the M25 visited. We also saw that Sutton had scored in the last second via a penalty to win 3-2 away at Torquay which made us even more happy. We then said goodbye to Jason and then drove back to South West London. I got dropped off home at 10:20pm, then got ready for bed, did some exercises and then went to bed.
I did enjoy my trip to the Spelthorne Sports Club, it was a decent groundhop and I would recommend going there, the admission is quite reasonable, they were very friendly and welcoming and even though the ground isn't really up to scratch for the CCL, it is a ground I like and would recommend going to.

Stadium: 4/10
Bar: 9/10
Food and Drink: 8/10
Atmosphere: 4/10
Friendliness: 10/10
Value For Money: 8/10
Overall Rating: 6.1/10