Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Egham Town F.C. - Runnymede Stadium

Egham Town F.C.

Egham Town F.C.
Runnymede Stadium
Wards Place
TW20 8XD

Ground Number: 77
Date: Tuesday 17th April 2018
Score: Egham Town F.C. 1-2 Moneyfields F.C.
Competition: Southern League Division One East
Attendance: 61

After groundhopping to Hanwell Town F.C. on Thursday evening which you can read about here, I had a hard choice to make about what game to go to on the coming Tuesday evening because Sutton were playing away to Maidenhead in the re-arranged tie that was originally abandoned at half time when Sutton were winning 3-2 or I could groundhop to a more local ground. To be totally honest, I didn't really fancy going back to York Road for the second time in a month but the main reason why I didn't want to go there was because I would have college the next day so it would make more sense to go to a more local ground and then get home a bit earlier and get a bit more sleep.
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We did take into consideration that the Maidenhead game was free entry but I wasn't going to be finishing college until nearly 5pm and if we got stuck in traffic on the way, I would miss the start of the game and that is something I hate so we made the choice to groundhop this coming Tuesday instead. The choices we had for Tuesday were Egham Town vs Moneyfields, AFC Hayes vs Chertsey Town or Staines Lammas vs Chessington and Hook. Out of those three games, Egham Town vs Moneyfields seemed the best option as it isn't too far away and because Egham has a really good ground and is somewhere that I have wanted to visit for the past season or so.
Friday was mainly spent relaxing and Saturday was spent at Sutton United vs Hartlepool United and that game ended 1-1 and whilst at this game, I told my dad the three games that we could go to on Tuesday instead of Maidenhead vs Sutton and he also agreed that Egham would be the best option so the decision was final, we were going to Egham Town on Tuesday and I was really looking forward to it as it would allow me to tick off another ground within the M25, another ground within the Heathrow area and another ground nearer to 100! It would also be Ground 79 for me and Ground 77 on the blog!
Sunday was a day that was spent at Brooklands Museum as they had a special open day there so we decided to go back there for our 5th time. Monday was spent mainly chilling out and looking through some old Sutton programmes back from the 13/14 and 14/15 season and they brought back a lot of memories. I then listened to some music in bed and then just before I went to sleep at 9pm, I looked into the history of Egham Town FC.
Egham Town F.C. were founded in 1963 after the re-formation of Egham F.C. and their nickname is 'The Sarnies'. The club are based in the small area of Thorpe Lea just outside the centre of Egham and they currently play their home games at the Runnymede Stadium which has a capacity of 5,500 and there are 262 seats. They started out in the Parthenon League and only stayed there for one season as the changed to the Surrey Senior League. In 1967, the club joined the Spartan League and they won that same league in 1972. The club then joined the Athenian League Division Two and were champions in their first season and were promoted to the Athenian League Division One.
In 1977, the club joined the Isthmian League Division Two and in 1998, they were relegated to the Division Three. In 2002, the league was changed slightly and the club were effectively promoted to the Isthmian League Division One South. In 2004, they joined the Southern League West Division and then in 2005, they re-joined the Isthmian League and in 2006, they changed leagues again as they joined the Combined Counties League and in 2013, they were Combined Counties League champions and were promoted to the Southern League Division One Central (now Southern League Division One East) which is where they still remain.
I woke up this morning at 9:30am which was good seeing as I didn't have the best nights sleep and then chilled in bed for half an hour and then had some brunch and then watched some episodes of `Top Gear` and then I left for college at 12:25pm and today, college wasn't as chilled as I was hoping as we were going through all the assignments we had left and ended up starting a new assignment but it didn't bother me too much seeing as we only had a few weeks left. I finished college at 4:20pm and then my dad picked me up and we made the short hour or so journey to Egham.
Whilst on the way to Egham, we topped up the car with petrol and then continued onto the A3 and took the back roads into Staines which brought back memories of our old away games at Staines Town FC which was actually my first ever Sutton away game and you can read about my trip to Staines Town FC here. Once round the one-way system in Staines, we was only 5 minutes away from Egham and it was only 5:30pm by the time we arrived into Egham itself so we decided to park up and go to the high street and get Subway for dinner and I had my regular of a foot long Italian chicken salad and my dad had his usual as well.
After finishing our dinner, we walked back to the car and drove up to the Runnymede Stadium which is only a few minutes drive from the high street. We then found somewhere to park near the ground and then went inside the bar and I have to say, it doesn't really have a football club bar feeling to it, it has a more deserted pub feeling to it mainly because the area where u can buy drinks isn't very large and it is very big and needs a bit of a renovation, however there were 3 dart boards which was good but no pool table.
We stayed in the bar until 6:45pm and then went inside the ground and tonight's admission prices were £6 for my dad, £3 for me (student) and £1 for a programme, so £10 all together for admission and a programme! I have to say, that is very reasonable, if not too reasonable and is very well priced for the 8th tier! We then walked round the ground to take some pictures of the ground and this is Ground 79 for me and Ground 77 on the blog.
The Runnymede Stadium has a capacity of 5,500 and there are 262 seats. The ground is very good for the 8th tier and is more of a 6th tier ground and should be in the National League South. The main area of the ground holds the old main stand which holds all 262 seats, the changing rooms and a tea bar area. Opposite the main stand are three covered terraces situated next to each other. Behind one of the goals is a small covered terrace that can hold around 100 spectators and behind the other goal is another covered terrace that can hold around 800 spectators.
I really like this ground, it has a lot of character and has a lot of decent covered terracing and has no modern stands or terraces that ruin the look of the ground and is a perfect example of the kind of ground that I look for in non-league. I the small main stand as it look innocent by itself and the three covered terraces alongside the pitch are a decent touch to the ground as well and there isn't really anything that they could add at the moment but if they were to eventually go up to the National League South, the current main stand would have to be enlarged or replaced or another seated stand would have to be installed. Overall, it is a very decent ground for the level and is one of my favourites!
After walking round the ground to take some pictures, we had a look at the other fixtures that were taking place tonight and then with about 15 minutes left before kick off, we decided to go to the tea bar to get something to eat and there was only two food options on the menu which were a hot dog and a cheeseburger and I went for the hot dog and it was quite nice and would happily have it again if I was to go back to Egham. My dad also got a tea and we then went behind in the main stand to watch the teams come out and when they did come out, I took a few pictures and we then went behind the goal that Egham were kicking towards.
The game kicked off and we had to wait a while for the first chance as the first chance of the game came on 15 minutes when Egham had a shot at goal but the Moneyfields goalkeeper comfortably saved the shot. The next chance of the game came on 20 minutes when Moneyfields had a shot on goal that saved by the Egham keeper and after 20 minutes, it was still 0-0. Two minutes later, Egham then had another shot but it went wide and then 12 minutes after that chance, Egham were awarded a corner and the ball was sent into the box and the Egham player got a head on the ball and the ball went in the top corner and it was 1-0 to Egham. 4 minutes after that, there was a small scramble in the box but Egham weren't able to make it 2-0 and then on 44 minutes, Moneyfields made it 1-1 by a shot inside the box and that was it for the first half.
Half time and it was Egham Town 1-1 Moneyfields, so far the game hadn't had too many chances but was entertaining and that was the main thing and there had been a bit of atmosphere from the young supporters behind the goal who were cheering on Egham and that was good to see. We clapped off both teams and then walked round to the tea bar again and I decided I may as well get the cheeseburger as well seeing as there are only two food options on the menu and again it tasted quite nice and I would also have it again if I was to come back to Egham and would recommend both food options! My dad got another tea and we then went and sat back in the main stand and saw that Sutton were 2-0 down at Maidenhead which was quite disappointing and then the teams came back out.
The second half started and we had to wait 17 minutes for the first chance and it was Moneyfields who had the first chance of the second half as they had a soft shot at the Egham goal but the goalkeeper was on hand to keep it at 1-1 and then 2 minutes later, Moneyfields had another chance to score but their shot went over goal. Another two minutes later, Egham had their first chance of the second half as they headed the ball just past the post from a corner. On 70 minutes, Moneyfields had another shot at goal but the Egham goalkeeper pulled off an amazing save but 12 minutes after that, Moneyfields took the lead via a shot that looked more like a cross and the very few travelling fans cheered and the final chance of the game came on 83 minutes when Egham had a shot over goal and the game finished Egham Town 1-2 Moneyfields.
We walked out of the ground feeling upset that Egham didn't get anything from the game but it had been a good evening in Surrey as we had ticked off another ground within the M25, another ground visited in the Heathrow area and was another ground nearer to 100! We left the ground at 9:40pm and whilst on the way back, we saw Sutton had lost 2-1 which wasn't good and we also passed Staines Town FC which again brought back memories of our two visits there and I got home at 10:30pm and went straight to bed as I have college the next morning.
I would highly recommend going to Egham Town FC because they are a friendly club, the food is quite good and the ground is very good for the level and is a groundhop that you will really enjoy and it makes a good day out even if you live a short drive away like us. However, if you are looking for a big crowd and good atmosphere, then Egham will not tick those boxes unfortunately but even I enjoyed the visit even with a small ground and little atmosphere! All in all, we spent around £20 inside the ground and it was well worth it, good value for money!
Stadium: 9/10
Bar: 7/10
Food and Drink: 7/10
Atmosphere: 5/10
Friendliness: 8/10
Value For Money: 8/10
Overall Rating: 7/10