Friday, 13 April 2018

Hanwell Town F.C. - Reynolds Field

Hanwell Town F.C.

Hanwell Town F.C.
Reynolds Field Stadium
Perivale Lane

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Ground Number: 76
Date: Thursday 12th April 2018
Score: Hanwell Town F.C. 1-5 Beaconsfield Town F.C.
Competition: Southern League Division One East
Attendance: 121

As a groundhopper, you always have the opportunity to visit new grounds during the week when your team isn't playing and one of the things that I haven't yet experienced is some Thursday night football and this week, there was a few local games this Thursday which were Hanwell Town vs Beaconsfield Town, Crawley Down Gatwick vs Arundel and Westfield vs Knaphill. All of these games seemed very appealing but seeing as I am trying to visit all of the grounds within the M25 and only one of the three games would allow me to visit another ground inside the M25 and that was Hanwell Town vs Beaconsfield, so we decided that would be that game to go to on Thursday evening. Reynolds Field will be Ground 78 for me and Ground 76 on the blog!
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The week leading up to the game was spent mainly at home chilling out as it is the Easter Holidays. The Saturday before the game was spent at CB Hounslow United which you can read about here and the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday was spent just mainly watching some films and looking into some possible groundhops after the main football season finishes for Sutton at the end of this month. The day before the game was again a very chilled day but mainly spending it watching a few films with my sisters as they wanted to watch a few films with me.
I did come across a problem that I realised on Wednesday evening and that was Hanwell had their home game yesterday (Tuesday) postponed due to a waterlogged pitch and I was afraid that the game tomorrow would be postponed as well so I checked the other backups of Crawley Down Gatwick vs Arundel and Westfield vs Knaphill and they both hadn't stated anything about a pitch inspection but nor had Hanwell so I suppose the pitch at Reynolds Field was okay for tomorrows game but I did put the tweet notifications on all three club twitter's so I would instantly know if there was a pitch inspection in the morning. Then just before going to bed at 12:30am, I looked into the history of Hanwell Town F.C.
Hanwell Town F.C. were founded in 1920 by a group of natives from Newcastle and they have the same nickname as Newcastle United as their nickname is 'The Geordies' and also play in the same strip as Newcastle United. The club currently play their home games at Reynolds Field in Perivale which has a capacity of 3,000 and there are around 200 seats and the club also currently play in the Southern League Division One East (England's 8th Tier). The club started out in the London League but then dropped into more local leagues after WW2.
In 1970, they stepped up to the Middlesex County League and in 1983, they joined the London Spartan League and were champions in their first season and the club were promoted to the London  Spartan League Premier. In the late 1990's, the Spartan League had a few re-arrangements and in 1997, they founded the Spartan South Midlands League South and in 2006, the club joined the Southern League Division One South and West (now Southern League Division One East). In 2007, they re-joined the Spartan South Midlands League and were champions in 2013/14 and then re-joined the Southern League Division One East the following season.
I woke up this morning at 8:40am and had a quick wash and then some breakfast and then at 9:30am, I left my house to go round my dads and once at my dads, we went into Sutton to collect my glasses and travel money for my college trip to Croatia at the end of the season and ended up getting some other bits and pieces too and then left Sutton at 12:45pm and was originally planning on staying round my dad's until 5pm and then making the trip to Perivale for the game but we decided to go back to my dads for 15 minutes and then go up to Central London seeing as we haven't been up there since last year. We got back to my dads at 1:15pm and then left again at 13:40pm.

We then drove up to South Wimbledon and parked by the station and then walked up to South Wimbledon Tube Station and then topped up my Oyster Card with £7 and then got on the Northern Line at 2:10pm and then stayed on until Stockwell and then changed on to the Victoria Line and stayed on until Oxford Circus and then went in Hamley's as it is a tradition that we have when we go into Central London and then got the bus up to Piccadilly Circus and then walked to Trafalgar Square and then got on a routemaster on route 15 and whilst we was on the bus, we talked to the conductor seeing as my dad works on the buses as well and then got off at the end at Tower Hill and walked across Tower Bridge and then walked along the Thames and to London Bridge.
We then got on the Northern Line at 5pm and stayed on one stop and got off at Bank and then walked to Monument and seeing as we still had just under 3 hours until kick off, we decided to get the District Line to Notting Hill Gate and then get on the Central Line instead of getting on it at Bank as we would be able to lose around 20 minutes of time by taking a slightly longer route. We stayed on the District Line until Earls Court and then changed onto another District Line train going to Notting Hill Gate and then once at Notting Hill Gate, we changed onto the Central Line at 5:55pm and then stayed on until Perivale and was finally at Perivale itself at 6:15pm.
We then walked to the ground via walking over the footbridge over the A40 and then walked down Perivale Lane to the ground and after 15 minutes of walking, we was at Reynolds Field and then took some pictures and paid to get in and tonight's admission prices were £8 for my dad, £5 for me (student), £1 for a programme and £1 for a 50/50 ticket, so £15 all together which was very reasonable! We then went inside the bar and it isn't the best if I'm honest, it isn't very big and the only facilities are a tea bar, a small area that serves the drinks and a television and no pool tables or dart board, so not the best bar unfortunately.
We then sat down and I realised that my phone was on a low battery and I did have my portable charger on me but there was a plug socket so thankfully I was able to charge my phone from there and not have to use my portable charger. I then went up to the bar to see if they had any pin badges and they did for £3.50 which was good so I got myself one. By the time it was getting to nearly 7pm, we was getting quite hungry so we both went up to the tea bar and I got a steak pie and chips and my dad got a bacon roll and chips and I have to say that the steak pie was quite over cooked and didn't taste really nice and did give my stomach a bit of an ache but the chips on the other hand were really nice so that benefited from the pie but not the best food at Reynolds Field unfortunately. Then at 7:20pm, we decided to go out into the ground to take some pictures and by now, it had started to get quite cold and we knew that we was in for a very cold evening!
Reynolds Field has a capacity of 3,000 and there are around 200 seats and the ground is very much suited for the Southern League Division One East, the main side of the ground holds a small seated stand with around 200 seats and the bar, opposite this side of the ground is an uncovered pathway with a covered area for wheelchair users, behind one of the goals is another uncovered pathway and behind the other goal is a covered terrace that can hold around 500 spectators and is quite smart and neat.
I have to say, I really like Reynolds Field, it is quite a small stadium but I do like it, I like how the main stand is quite snug in front of the bar and I also love the covered terracing behind the goal, it is really good for the level and can hold a large amount of spectators and would fit in well even with the 6th tier! I also quite like the two sides of the ground that have no cover for some reason. Overall, it is a well suited ground for the level and the club even have room for another terrace behind the other goal and if the go into the higher levels of non league, they easily have the possibility to put in place another seated stand! After walking around the ground to take some pictures, we went and sat in the small seated stand and then the teams came out and I took a few pictures.
The game started and the first chance of the game arrived on 2 minutes when Beaconsfield had an attack on goal but the Hanwell keeper was on hand to keep the score at 0-0. Then on 8 minutes, Hanwell took the lead via a good run from their player and the shot went in the bottom corner. Then on 10 minutes, Beaconsfield had a shot that went over the goal and then on 12 minutes, Hanwell also had a shot that went over the goal. Then on 13 minutes later, the Hanwell keeper came out and the Beaconsfield player shot from the half way line and scored and it was 1-1! On 23 minutes, Beaconsfield crossed the ball into the box and nearly scored from the cross. On 26 minutes, Beaconsfield had a free kick in which they passed along the ground and the receiving player scored and it was 2-1.  Beaconsfield then had a chance on 29 minutes but the shot was saved and then 3 minutes later, Beaconsfield scored again and then on 42 minutes, they put the ball in the net to make it 4-1!
Half time and it was Hanwell Town 1-4 Beaconsfield Town, well 5 goals so far and you could clearly see why Hanwell were a few places above the relegation zone and why Beaconsfield were near the top of the table. By now it had gotten even colder so we went back inside the bar and I decided to get my first bovril and my dad got a coffee and quite simply, the bovril was not to my taste and I wasn't planning on having it again after trying it but I did drink it all as it was warming me up and then after finishing the drinks, we went back outside and stood in the covered terrace.
The second half was, well quite easily to put, just three main chances and a complete opposite to the first half. The first chance of the second half came on 58 minutes when Hanwell had a chance to make it 4-2 but the shot went just wide of the goal. Then on 63 minutes, Beaconsfield had a shot that was saved by the Hanwell keeper but the scored from the aftermath of the save and it was 5-1 to Beaconsfield and that was the game put to bed. The final chance of the game came on 82 minutes when Hanwell were awarded a free kick but that narrowly went wide and Beaconsfield played out the rest of the game and it finished Hanwell Town 1-5 Beaconsfield Town.
We walked out of the ground feeling very cold and mainly happy that we had ticked off another ground within the M25 and was another ground nearer to 100, it was just a shame that Hanwell didn't win the game but we had seen 6 goals! The walk back to Perivale Tube Station felt much quicker than the walk from there to the ground earlier but when we got to the station, we had a 4 minute wait for the tube and then once on the tube, we stayed on until Notting Hill Gate and then got on a District Line train back to Wimbledon and once we arrived back at Wimbledon, we had to run to get the 93 bus and then got off a few stops later at South Wimbledon and then walked back to the car and then my dad dropped me off home at 10:50pm and I went to bed at 11:30pm.
I would recommend visiting Reynolds Field because it is a good ground for the level, the fans and people who run the club are very friendly and it is very good value for money. There is a little bit of atmosphere from the Hanwell fans as they do the occasional chant which is good to see, however I wouldn't recommend getting the steak pie when you go there! I did enjoy my visit to Hanwell and would definitely go back there again!
Stadium: 7/10
Bar: 6/10
Food and Drink: 6/10
Atmosphere: 6/10
Friendliness: 9/10
Value For Money: 8/10
Overall Rating: 7/10