Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Staines Lammas F.C. - Lucan Pavilion Recreation Ground

Staines Lammas F.C.
Staines Lammas F.C.
Lucan Pavilion Recreation Ground
The Broadway
TW18 1RZ

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Ground Number: 78
Date: Wednesday 25th April 2018
Score: Staines Lammas F.C. 6-1 Kensington Borough F.C.
Competition: Combined Counties Division One
Attendance: 29

As I continue on my challenge to tick off all the grounds in the Heathrow area, it was time to tick off another of the remaining 4 remaining grounds as this coming Wednesday, I would be visiting the Lucan Pavilion Recreation Ground (also known as the Laleham Recreation Ground) for Staines Lammas vs Kensington Borough in the Combined Counties Division One. The Lucan Pavilion Recreation Ground would be Ground 80 for me and Ground 78 on the blog and would allow me to tick off another ground in the Heathrow area, another ground within the M25 and another ground nearer to 100!
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After groundhopping to Egham Town on Tuesday night which you can read about here, I found myself trying to find another game for next Tuesday and the only game that seemed appealing was AFC Hayes vs Bedfont Sports and on Wednesday night, Staines Lammas were home to Kensington Borough. My friend Jason (who you may remember from my visit to Croydon FC which you can read about here) said he was going to Staines Lammas on the Wednesday so we decided that seeing as Jason was going there, we may as well go there as well!
The few days running up to the weekend were spent at college and were spent doing coursework for our trip to Croatia on the 30th and I was looking forward to the trip but the only bad thing was the quarter-finals of the play offs were being played whilst I am away and I needed Sutton to finish 3rd otherwise I wouldn't be able to go to the quarter-finals of the play offs. Saturday was spent at Stonebridge Road and Sutton had won 1-0 against Ebbsfleet which had guaranteed us play offs but we needed a draw or win against Aldershot on the last game of the season to put us straight into the semi-finals of the play offs otherwise we would be playing in the quarter-finals and I wouldn't be able to go.
On Sunday, I tweeted out about going to this fixture and after only a few minutes of it being tweeted out, my very dear friend Russell (The Wycombe Wanderer) tweeted back saying that he was free on Wednesday evening and he hasn't been to Staines Lammas yet and said that he would come to this fixture with me, my dad and Jason and this was going to make the visit even more special seeing as I haven't seen Russell since my visit to Motspur Park for Fulham U23's vs Brighton U23's back in December 2017 which you can read about here.

Monday was spent relaxing and then in the evening, I was at the Meet the Manager Q&A session at Sutton United and I got a mention for heavily helping out with the atmosphere and that was a very proud moment for me. We also told our fellow Sutton fan and friend Tony that we was going to Staines Lammas on Wednesday and we invited him to come along as well. Tuesday was spent at college and was a good day as I got quite a lot of work done and then once at home, I did a bit more of the assignment that I was doing at college and then in the evening, I watched some of `Russell Howard's Good News` and then just before going to bed, I looked into the history of Staines Lammas FC.

Staines Lammas F.C. were founded in 1926 and are based in the small town of Laleham which is just outside of Staines-upon-Thames and the club currently play their home games at the Lucan Pavilion Recreation Ground (also known as the Laleham Recreation Ground) which has a capacity of 300 and there are no seats. The club's nickname is 'The Blues' or 'Lammas' and the club currently play in the Combined Counties Division One (England's 10th Tier). The club started out in the Hounslow and District League and changed leagues a few times in the 20's and 30's and in the 40's and 50's, the club played in the Hounslow and District League Division Two and the Staines and District League.
In the mid-80's, the club moved to their current home of the Lucan Pavilion Recreation Ground and were slowly making their way up the non league pyramid and in the 90's, the club joined the Surrey Intermediate League Western and in 2002, the club joined the Surrey Senior League and in 2003, the club joined the Combined Counties Division One and were champions in 2007/08 and 2008/09 but were unable to get promoted due to their ground not meeting the standards of the Combined Counties Premier.
I woke up this morning at 7am and then got dressed and had some breakfast and then left my house at 7:45am to go to college and today, college was really chilled as we had to only do one assignment but we was doing it in stages and it wasn't very full on and was relaxing to do and I managed to get a large chunk of that assignment done. I finished college at 3pm and then walked up to Ewell East Station with some of my friends from my course and then got on the 3:23pm service and then stayed on until Hackbridge and then walked to my dad's and got there for 3:45pm and then left my dad's at 4pm.
We then picked up Tony and then made the drive to Lucan Pavilion Recreation Ground. The journey to the ground wasn't nothing special with it just being spent listening to music and then we remembered that the game was a 6:45pm kick off and we still had a lot of time so we stopped in Molesey and got a subway for dinner and me and my dad got our regulars and Tony his regulars as well and then after having our dinner, we continued our journey to the ground and then soon after, we found ourselves in the village of Laleham and then found somewhere right next to the ground to park and then walked to the ground and we arrived at 5:45pm.
I took some pictures and we then went inside the bar and then we got some drinks and Tony kindly offered to get me a drink and I decided to get a Kopparburg seeing as it is one of my favourite alcoholic drinks and then sat down and watched some of the highlights of the Liverpool vs Roma game. I then walked up to the bar and got a programme and pin badge for £4 which is very reasonable and then we each paid another £4 to get in which is also very reasonable! Then with around 20 minutes to go before kick off, Jason arrived and we all walked round the ground and took some pictures.
The Lucan Pavilion Recreation Ground has a capacity of 300 and there are no seats. The main side of the ground holds the bar and dugouts and the pitch is surrounded by a pitch side barrier and the ground itself is only 3 sided for spectators but you get a great view of the ground. To be honest, the ground does the job for a club in the 11th Tier but a seated stand is needed for the club so it meets league regulations and it would be good to see a seated stand put in the ground but for what the ground is, it's not the best but it's a ground and that's the main thing! After walking round the ground to take some pictures, Russell arrived and then the teams came out and I got some pictures.
The game kicked off and the first chance of the game came on 2 minutes when Staines Lammas had an attack and their player went round the keeper and scored and after only 2 minutes, it was 1-0 to Staines. Then the next chance of the game came on 7 minutes when Staines were given a corner and the ball was sent in and then Kensington player headed it into his own net and it was 2-0 to Staines after only 7 minutes! Then the next chance of the game came on 23 minutes when Staines were in the box and passed the ball across goal and the Staines player tapped the ball in and it was 3-0 to Staines. Staines made it 4-0 on 28 minutes via a shot inside the box and on 40 minutes, the Staines keeper fouled the Kensington player and was sent off and on 43 minutes, Kensington made it 4-1 via a penalty and the final chance of the first half came on 45 minutes when Kensington had a shot at goal that was saved.
Half time and it was Staines Lammas 4-1 Kensington Borough, it had been an amazing first half and Staines had massively dominated the first half and very much deserved the lead but after their goalkeeper was sent off and Kensington scored the penalty, they had seemed to have responded a bit but they were still 3 points behind. By now, it was starting to get cold so we went to the bar and unfortunately they didn't have any hot food but they did have some cheeselets which was better than nothing but I was disappointed but they had some food available which was the main thing. We then sat down for 5 minutes and then when the teams came back out, we went back outside.
The second half started and the first chance of the game came on 55 minutes when Staines hit the post from close range and was unlucky not to make it 5-1! Then 3 minutes later, Staines had a shot at goal and scored and now was 5-1! 4 minutes after that, Kensington had a shot that went just wide and two minutes after that, Staines also had a shot that went just wide. On 67 minutes, Kensington had a shot that went over the bar and then on 71 minutes, Staines scored from a corner and it was now 6-1! On 74 minutes, the outfield player that was playing in goal for Staines made an amazing save and then on 81 minutes, Staines had a shot saved and on 87 minutes, Kensington had a shot that went wide and that was the final chance of the game and it finished 6-1.
Full time and it finished Staines Lammas 6-1 Kensington Borough, it had been a great game of football and could have easily finished around 8-5 but 7 goals was very satisfying to watch especially as it had started to get cold at the end of the first half. We walked out of the ground feeling very happy that Staines had won and we had finally ticked off the Lucan Pavilion Recreation Ground. We left the ground at 8:35pm and the journey back home didn't take long as there wasn't any traffic and I got home at 9:20pm and then watched some TV before going to bed at 11:30pm.
I would recommend going to the Lucan Pavilion Recreation Ground because it is a ground that not many people have been to before and is somewhere that a lot of groundhoppers haven't been to. The staff are also immensely welcoming and friendly but the only shame is the ground isn't very good and there isn't any hot food or any atmosphere but all in all, me and my dad spent under £20 and saw 7 goals and had a great evening and also met up with Russell again and was good to have a catch-up on his recent groundhops. You can find Russell's view of the game here.

Stadium: 3/10
Bar: 8/10
Food and Drink: 5/10
Atmosphere: 3/10
Friendliness: 10/10
Value For Money: 10/10
Overall Rating: 6.5/10