Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Farnborough OBG F.C. - Farnborough Sports Club

Farnborough Old Boys Guild F.C.

Farnborough Old Boys Guild F.C.
Farnborough Sports Club
High Street
Farnborough Village

Ground Number: 80
Date: Tuesday 15th May 2018
Score: Farnborough OGB F.C. 3-1 Peckham Town F.C.
Competition: Kent County League
Attendance: 29

The middle of May is the time of year when most of the league's have finished and most of the play offs have also been played and now it is the time that small cups in non league are generally played and it is very rare that the league season is still being played and one of the leagues that are local to where I live that is still not finished yet is the Kent County League.
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When I groundhopped to Staines Lammas a few weeks ago which you can read about here, my friend Jason told us that the Kent County League is still being played and a team called Farnborough OGB (Old Boys Guild) FC are playing at home to Peckham Town on the 15th May and on that night, we all agreed that we should go to this game as it would be good to tick off another ground and especially seeing as it is within the M25!
Since that night, I have had the 15th May marked on my calendar for this fixture and I was actually quite excited but also a bit upset for this game because it would be another ground within the M25 visited but would probably be my last groundhop of the season but this season has been great for my blog and for visiting new grounds so it would be good to add the Farnborough Sports Club to my list of grounds visited this season. It would also be Ground 82 for me and Ground 80 on my blog.
The week before the game was mainly spent at college and the weekend was mainly spent groundhopping to Glanford Park for Scunthorpe United vs Rotherham United which you can read about here and Sunday was spent just chilling out from our 20 hour long day on Saturday. Monday was spent doing little bits of updates on my laptop and helping our round the house and then chilling in bed and then just before I went to bed, I looked into the history of Farnborough OBG FC.
Farnborough OBG FC was formed in 1932 school team for winter games and the club's nickname is 'The Guild'. The club currently play in the Kent County League (England's 11th Tier) and the club currently play their home games at the Farnborough Sports Club which has a capacity of around 300 and there are no seats. The club started out in the Bromley and District League and throughout the 1930's, the club competed in the Downe League and Cup. Unfortunately no league data can be found from 1939 to 1977 but in 1978, the club spent one season in the Kent County FA and then spent 3 years in the South London Alliance League and since 2001, the club have been competing in the Kent County League.
I woke up this morning at 8am and had a quick wash and some breakfast and then took my little sisters to school and then chilled for the rest of the morning and then left for college at 12:20pm and then I got a lift to college from my friend Emma and today, college wasn't too bad but we had started our last assignment and it was quite tricky so it wasn't a chilled day but I just got on with it. I finished college at 4:15pm and then my dad picked me up from college at 4:30pm and then we quickly stopped in McDonalds to get some dinner and I went for the New York Stack meal and my dad went for his normal McChicken Sandwich meal and then after we had our dinner, we drove up the road to Jason's house as he is coming with us today and is driving us to the game.
We got to Jason's at 5:15pm and then we all got in his car and then drove up to Gander Green Lane and picked up Geoff who is a well known Sutton fan and he was featured in blog on my visit to Raynes Park Vale which you can read about here and my trip to Worcester Park FC which you can read about here. After picking up Geoff, we made the hour or so drive to Farnborough Village and got caught in some traffic in Croydon but we soon passed it all and then after being in the car for just over an hour, we arrived at the Farnborough Sports Club at 6:35pm.
We found somewhere to park and then walked up to the ground and took some pictures of the signage for the ground and went in the bar and it is a decent size but there aren't many facilities with just a serving area for food and drinks and no pool table or dart board which was unfortunate. Geoff, my dad and Jason decided to get a drink but I myself didn't really fancy anything and then with 5 minutes before kick off, we walked up to the ground itself and walked round and took some pictures and we was feeling very happy because today's entry was free.
The Farnborough Sports Club has a capacity of around 300 and there are no seats. The ground is only two sided with one side being along the pitch and being mainly open except for an old covered bus shelter that was donated to the club and can hold around 20 spectators and behind one of the goals is a some banking and provides a great view of the pitch. For a Step 11 ground, it does what it needs to and the bus shelter adds character to the ground and for the level, it is an alright ground but it would be nice to see a small seated stand put in place. We then found some other Peckham supporters and stood with them and then the game began.
The first chance of the game came on 3 minutes when Farnborough had a shot that went just wide and then on 7 minutes, Farnborough had a shot from just outside the box and it went in the top corner and it was 1-0 to Farnborough. On 8 and 9 minutes, Peckham had a header that went over and a soft shot at goal and then on 20 minutes, they also had another shot but went over the goal. On 22 minutes, Farnborough had a shot that went wide and on 24 and 26 minutes, Peckham had two shots but nothing came off them. On 34 minutes, Farnborough doubled their lead with a shot inside the box that went into the bottom corner. On 36 minutes, Farnborough had another shot but went over the goal and on 42 minutes, Peckham had a shot saved and that was all the action from the first half.
Half time and it was Farnborough Old Boys Guild 2-0 Peckham Town, so far it had been a really good game with two goals and plenty of chances being created. We clapped off both teams and then quickly went down to the bar and I got a diet coke and I asked if they had any hot food but unfortunately they didn't so just a packet of crisps for me which is better than nothing. Geoff and Jason also got themselves another drink and we all then went back up to the ground with our drinks and had another chat with the Peckham fans that we were standing with and then the second half started.
The second half started and the first chance came in the 48th minute when Farnborough had a shot at goal but nothing came from it and on 51 and 57 minutes, Peckham had a shot at the keeper and a shot saved and were edging themselves back into the game. On 58 minutes, Farnborough had a shot that went wide and a shot at the keeper and on 64 minutes, Farnborough put the ball through and scored and it was 3-0. On 69 minutes, Farnborough had a free kick saved and on 73 minutes, Farnborough's keeper dropped the ball and Peckham nearly scored but two minutes after that, Peckham was put through and they got a goal back and it was 3-1. On 81 and 83 minutes, Peckham had two shots at the keeper but again nothing came from them and the last chance of the game came on 90 minutes when Peckham put the ball just over the goal and went wide and it finished Farnborough Old Boys Guild 3-1 Peckham.
We walked out of the ground feeling happy that we had visited another ground and was another ground nearer to 100 and had visited another ground within the M25 and it had cost us under £10 and we had seen 4 goals and was a good evening out with our friends and had made some more friends. We left the ground at 8:45pm and then made the 14 mile journey home and then dropped Geoff off home and got back to Jason's at 9:30pm and we said goodbye to Jason and then my dad dropped me off home at 9:45pm and I spent some time chilling and then went to bed.
I would recommend going to the Farnborough Sports Club because they are very friendly, you'll se a a great game of football and you will meet some great people and may even make a few new friends and it is a good ground to say that you have been to and I would get down there whenever you can as they need the support.
Stadium: 5/10
Bar: 7/10
Food and Drink: 5/10
Atmosphere: 3/10
Friendliness: 10/10
Value For Money: 9/10
Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Scunthorpe United F.C. - Glanford Park

Scunthorpe United F.C.
Scunthorpe United F.C.
Glanford Park
James Brownward Way
DN15 8TD

Ground Number: 79
Date: Saturday 12th May 2018
Score: Scunthorpe United F.C. 2-2 Rotherham United F.C.
Competition: Sky Bet League One Play Off Semi Final
Attendance: 6,591

As a football fan, it is very common that you will have soft spots for other teams and sometimes it can be due to your family being from there, you used to live there or due to the fact that you just like them and for me, I have quite a few teams that I have a soft spot for and one of those teams are Scunthorpe United and I have had a soft spot for them for around 4 years now because I really like Glanford Park even though it has a bad reputation for being a bad ground.
Image result for scunthorpe united badge
It is also quite weird because I haven't been trying to tick off Glanford Park because I knew that when I eventually went out to work, it would be one of the first grounds that I would tick off but now it is the time of season when most of the leagues have finished and are now into the play off stages and my team (Sutton United) had finished 3rd in the Vanarama National League which is amazing and had gotten straight to the play off semi final but unfortunately we lost 3-2 to Boreham Wood, but none the less, this season had been amazing.
After playing Boreham Wood on the Sunday and losing, we started looking into some of the fixtures for next week to see if there was any games that we could go to and there were a few ones that were appealing and they were Crystal Palace vs West Brom but that was sold out, Tottenham vs Leicester but the tickets were too expensive and I didn't want to do my blog on Wembley for a Tottenham game and West Ham vs Everton but we had to become members and we didn't really want to go through that process.
My dad then called me on Monday and talked about maybe having a long trip up north to Scunthorpe for their game against Rotherham in the first leg of the Sky Bet League One Play Off Semi Final and seeing as Scunthorpe is a team I have a soft spot for and Glanford Park is a ground I really want to tick off, we made the decision to go there and we booked the train tickets which were only £70 and then chose our seats and we decided to go for the Clugston Stand and got some seats that were £23 for my dad and £16 for me (student) and after we booked the tickets, I became very excited for this game. Glanford Park would be Ground 81 for me and Ground 79 on the blog!
The week running up to the game was mainly spent at college and this week wasn't too bad because we were given back some assignments that we had done a few weeks ago and I got the relevant grades on them all and this meant that I didn't have much work to do and therefore was quite chilled and mainly spent it helping some of my friends with their work. Friday finally arrived and I woke up at 6:45am for college and again today was quite chilled but I did mainly spent it working on a new assignment and then I finished college at 4:15pm and then got a lift home from my friend Emma and got home at 5:10pm and then had a quick bath and then had some dinner and then got my things ready seeing as I was staying round my dad's tonight. He arrived at 7pm and we left mine shortly after and then once back at my dad's, I watched some TV and then just before I went to bed, I looked into the history of Scunthorpe United FC.
Scunthorpe United FC were founded in 1899 and their nickname is 'The Iron'. The club currently play their home games at Glanford Park which has a capacity of 9,088 and there are around 7,500 seats. The club also currently play in the Sky Bet League One (England's 3rd Tier). The club shortly merged with North Lindsey United in 1910 to become Scunthorpe and Lindsey United and played in the local leagues until 1950 when their application to join the FL was accepted and they joined the FL Division 3 North. In 1958, the club changed its name to Scunthorpe United. 1958 saw them compete in Division Two and remained there until 1964.
From 1964 to 1968, they competed in Division 3 but in 1968, they were relegated to Division Four and remained there four 4 seasons and then were promoted back to Division 3 in 1972 but were relegated after one season of being back in the 3rd Tier. The club then remained in Division 4 for 10 years until 1982 when they were promoted back to Division 3 and stayed there until the league change in 2004 and were placed in League Two (4th Tier) and since then, they had had promotions and relegations throughout the pyramid and have competed in the championship for 3 seasons and their most recent promotion occurred in 2014 when they were promoted from League Two into League One.
I woke up this morning at 3:40am and then shortly after, my dad woke up and then I got dressed and then had a quick wash and then we left my dad's at 4am and then made the short drive to South Wimbledon. We then parked the car and then walked up to the tube station and then put £5 on my Oyster Card and then got on the Northern Line straight away at 4:20am. We then we stayed on until Stockwell and then changed onto the Victoria Line and then had a bit of trouble further up the line and was stationery at Vauxhall for 5 or so minutes but we finally arrived into Kings Cross St Pancras at 5am. We then went and printed off our train tickets and then walked over the road and got a McDonald's breakfast and I had my normal order of a sausage and egg McMuffin meal with milk.
We didn't have long to wait at the station as our train was called at 5:37am and we walked straight to the train and it was very empty and for once, we were not sitting in the quiet coach as we fancied a change and were in coach C today. I then got connected to the free WiFi on the train and then we was pulling out of Kings Cross at 5:50am and shortly after departing, we had to stop twice as there were some problems further up the track and so far it seemed like we were getting jinxed with trains today but we were soon on our way again. We had a few stops on the way to Doncaster but the rest of the journey was spent playing cards and listening to music and then we pulled into Doncaster at 7:53am and had a 10 minute wait for our train to Scunthorpe.
Our train pulled into the station at 8:01am and I realised that it was a pacer train and I personally don't really like pacer trains but this one had comfortable seats so this one wasn't too bad. We then pulled out of Doncaster at 8:04am and whilst on the way to Scunthorpe, we stopped at a few stations that looked abandoned. We passed Glanford Park whilst we was coming into Scunthorpe and finally arrived into Scunthorpe at 8:43am and then we walked up to the Wetherspoons and had a spoony breakfast and chilled in there for a bit and then it started to get busy by 9:35am so we left at 9:40am. We then had a choice of a 40 minute walk to the ground or catching the bus and seeing as we had just under 3 hours till kick off, we decided to take the walking option. We then stopped in a local shop to get a few drinks for the game and then made the 40 minute walk to Glanford Park.
One of the great things about away days and groundhopping is the walk to the ground and I foremost like walking to a football ground as it allows you to see the local area more and gives you more of a buzz. Whilst walking to the ground, we noticed a few pubs that we could go in on the way back seeing as we had a few hours to kill. We then walked down a steep hill and we knew that this part of the walk would be the worst for when we was walking back into town but after 30 minutes of walking, we arrived at Glanford Park at 10:10am and we had walked it 10 minutes quicker than the average person. Once at Glanford Park, we took some pictures and then went to the ticket office to collect our pre-paid tickets and then went in the club shop and I got a scarf, pin badge, programme and a couple of pens and it only come to £17.50 which is very reasonable for the FL and then got a raffle ticket for £1.
We then went inside the main bar at the ground which is 'The Iron Bar' and it is a decent size but not too big and can hold around 150/170 fans and there is a good range of drinks and I went for a Strongbow Dark Fruit and my dad just got a J2O and we then had a chat to some Scunthorpe fans. I then noticed that there wasn't a pool table or darts board which was a bit annoying but it was still a good bar. With around 90 minutes before kick off, we walked round to turnstile 4 and went inside the ground and today our ticket prices were £23 for my dad and £16 for me (student), so £39 for both of us and to be honest, for a play off game, it isn't too bad at all! Once inside the ground, we took some pictures.
Glanford Park has a capacity of 9,088 and there are around 7,500 seats. Glanford Park was opened in 1988. At this time it was the first new league football ground to be built in England since the Second World War. Inside it is a simple affair with all four stands being of equal height and similar in appearance. The ground is totally enclosed, although the corners are not used for spectators. The home end is terracing, whilst the other three sides of the ground are all seated. The main downside is the many supporting pillars running along the front of the stands that may impede your view. There is a small electric scoreboard suspended below the roof of the South Stand. The stadium is completed with a modern looking set of four floodlight pylons. (Description of Glanford Park is sourced from Football Ground Guide).

I really like Glanford Park even though it is a small stadium but I love how all the ground is the same height and there is still the standing terrace behind one of the goals and it adds character to the ground. I also like how the seats are in the colour of claret and blue as they are the colours that Scunthorpe play in and I also like the overall feeling of the ground because normally, the smaller grounds in the FL doesn't really offer much excitement yet Glanford Park was providing me with a lot of excitement before the game.
The ground slowly filled up and with around 30 minutes before the game started, we went and got something to eat and I went for a steak pie and it tasted really good and wasn't too hot but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it but it was a normal pukka pie so it wasn't anything too special, my dad didn't really want anything to eat so he just went for a hot chocolate and I was tempted but seeing as we had a couple of drinks in our bag, I decided not to have one. We then went back to our seats and then waited for kick off and by now, both sets of fans started singing and seeing as we was right by the loud Rotherham fans who have taken near 1,700 fans which is good as it is a local derby and play offs. We was treated by being right by both sets of loud fans as we knew the atmosphere was going to be good and so far it had and then when the teams came out, there was a roar from the 6,000 or so fans inside the ground.
The game kicked off and the first chance of the game came on 7 minutes when Scunthorpe had a shot at goal but the Rotherham keeper was on hand to keep it at 0-0. Then on 17 minutes, Rotherham were put through and scored and it was 1-0 to the visitors and the travelling support went wild. Then straight after scoring, Scunthorpe went up field and put the ball into the box and the Rotherham player put it into his own net and it was 1-1 and we Scunthorpe fans went wild! On 21 minutes, Scunthorpe put in a corner and player put it onto the bar and then on 35 and 36 minutes, Rotherham had two chances which was a weak shot and a shot over goal.
Half time and it was Scunthorpe United 1-1 Rotherham United, so far it had been a good game and the atmosphere had been electric so far! We stayed in our seats and I mainly went through all my social media responding to messages and updating my social media and then got talking to a few Scunthorpe fans who actually recognised me and said that read my blog and it was good to meet a couple of people who enjoy reading my blog and then the teams came back out.
The second half started and there wasn't many chances in the opening 15 minutes but on 60 minutes, the Scunthorpe keeper had injured himself and Scunthorpe substituted on their young keeper and on 64 minutes, Rotherham had a shot and went past the keeper and it was 2-1! On 67 minutes, Scunthorpe got the ball in the box and had two shots but they were both saved. On 85 minutes, Rotherham had a shot that went just wide and then on 89 minutes, there was a scramble inside the box and Scunthorpe scored and it was 2-2! and then on 90+6 minutes, Scunthorpe had a chance to win the game but the shot went just wide and it finished Scunthorpe United 2-2 Rotherham United.
We walked out of the ground feeling very happy because we had seen a great game of football and I had finally visited Glanford Park and it was another ground nearer to 100 and another of 'The 92' ticked off! We started our 30 minute walk back into town and there was quite a few other fans also walking back with us and the hill we walked down earlier wasn't as bad to walk up as we thought and then after 25 minutes of walking, we arrived at The Rose Pub and seeing as we had over 2 hours till our train, we went inside to watch the Lincoln vs Exeter game and then with around 20 minutes of the game left, we left the pub and then popped into Sainsbury's to get some food for the way home and then walked back to the station and then had a 20 minute wait for our train back to Doncaster.
Our train pulled into Scunthorpe at 5:15pm and it was another pacer train and we was joined by a few Rotherham fans and they talked to us about the game and it helped pass the time and we arrived back into Doncaster at 6pm and had an 80 minute wait for our train back to London. We got ourselves a Starbucks and then went to the platform and waited for our train and then our train finally arrived at 7:20pm and then we connected back up to the free WiFi and I watched a film on my phone and that helped pass the time and we then got back into Kings Cross at 9:10pm and walked down to the Victoria Line and stayed on until Stockwell, then changed onto the Northern Line and stayed on until South Wimbledon, then walked back to the car and drove back to my dad's and then watched some TV and then went to sleep at 11pm.
I really enjoyed my visit to Glanford Park, the atmosphere was amazing from both sets of fans, both sets of fans were very friendly, the food at the ground was good and also, the whole day wasn't top badly priced as we spent around £180 on today and for what we experienced, it was well worth it! I would highly recommend going to Glanford Park because the atmosphere is brilliant, the food is quite good and the fans are really friendly and welcoming!
Stadium: 8/10
Bar: 7/10
Food and Drink: 8/10
Atmosphere: 10/10
Friendliness: 10/10
Value For Money: 10/10
Overall Rating: 8.8/10